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Paneer butter masala

Paneer butter masala in 10 minutes is the best side dish for fried rice ,chappathi.Making a restaurant style paneer butter masala  at home will help us in impressing not just our family members  but its a great dish for potluck.So how we prepare this paneer butter masala in 10 minutes

paneer 250 gramsonion 2 medium sizetomato 3 largecashew nut  10 oil salt kasturi methi 1/2 tspbutter 2 tbspfresh cream red chili powder 1 tspgaram masala powder 3/4 tspbay leaf  1

 In  a pan add oil or buttersaute onions,tomatoes and cashew nutslet it cool and grind to a smooth pasteadd butter to the panadd bay leaf and chili powdernow pour the paste into the panallow to boil for 5 minutes add garammasala and kasturi methithen add the paneer and simmer it to low flamefinish with corriander leaves watch the video of making of paneer butter masala

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chili mushroom

Chili mushroom is an indo-chinese starter popularly eaten in restaurant.This can easily be prepared at home following these simple steps.


For the batter:

oilMaidacornflourchilipowdergingergarlic pastepepper powdersalt as neededFor the chili mushroom: Mushroomchili saucesoy sauceketchuponion bell peppersugargreenchillicrushed ginger garlicpepper powdersalt as neededcornflour waterMethod: In a bowl add 1/2 cup of maida,1/4 cup of cornflour, 1/2 tsp of chili powder,1/2 tsp of pepper powder,salt as needed make a batter adding 1/2 cup of watercoat the mushrooms in the batterHeat oil in a pan and fry the mushroom Heat another pan with 2 tbsp of oiladd crushed gingergarlic and  two slit green chiliadd the onion and bell peppersaute for a minutenow add 2 tbsp of tomato sauce,1tsp of chili sauce,1tsp of soy sauceadd 1 tsp of sugarsalt as per tastesaute for 2 minutesmix 2tbsp of cornflour in 4 tbsp watersaute the mixture and add the fried mushroomshot chili mushroom is ready to serve

minced chicken potato peas fry

KothuKari generally done with minced mutton(ground).Here i have used minced chicken as it  is a low fat choice along with potato and peas.It's a pepper fry and it's a delicious fry.

onion tomato ginger garlic paste minced chicken potatoespeaschili powdercoriander powderpepper powdersalt as neededcurry leavescoriander leaves handfulcinnamon stickclovebay leafMethod: In a pan,add oil and when the oil is hot add cinnamon,cloves and bay leafsaute onions and tomatoes till onions are translucent and tomatoes are mushyadd the minced chicken and saute for a minutenow add potatoes and peassaute for few minutes then add the spices1 tsp of chili powder and 2 tsp of coriander powdersalt as neededadd 1/2 glass of water and allow it to cook in low flamewhen chicken,potatoes and peas are all cooked ,add a tsp of pepper-powder fry for few minutes to get a spicy pepper frysprinkle curry leaves and coriander leavesminced chicken ,potato and peas fry is ready to servewatch the video o…

Sambar rice/Bisibelebath

Bisibelebath means hot lentil rice. Bisibelebath is a flavourful tasty rice made from rice,toordhal and home-made spice blend.It's always served hot.Here, i have made my version of this rice and its a great lunch recipe.


spice powder:

red chili 7 noscoriander seeds 2 tbspchanna dhal 1 tspurad dhal 1tspcumin seeds 1 tsppepper 3/4 tspmethi seeds 1/4 tspcoconut 4 tbspcinnamon -1/2 inch ( can also be added if you prefer the taste)cloves  2  nos ( can also be added if you prefer the taste)For the rice: Rice 1.5 cuptoordhal 3/4 cup to 1cup  onion 1 medium sizetomato 1medium sizecurry leaves 1 stringturmeric powder 1/4 tspasafoetida 1/4 tspmustard seeds 1 tspoil or ghee as requiredsalt to taste tamarind  water from 1/2 lemon size tamarindMethod: dry roast or add a tsp of oil and roast the spice powder ingredientsgrind to make the bisibelebath powderIn a pressure cooker  or instant pot add oil or gheeadd mustard seeds and let it splutternow add onion,tomatoes and curry leavesfry t…

Ghee Mysore pak

Ghee Mysore pak is an Indian dessert which is soft and melts in your mouth consistency sweet.It's made from besan flour,ghee and sugar.This sweet is one of our top list of sweets for any celebration and occasion.
1 cup besan flour2 cups sugar1 cup water2 cups gheeMethod: measure a cup of besan flour sift the besan flour and add to a bowlmeasure sugar in the same cup add 2 cups of sugar to a pan adding one cup of water heat the pan to make the sugar syrupin another pan add 2 cups of ghee heat the ghee but don't boil it in medium flameadd the hot ghee to the besan flour and  make a batter without any lumpswhen the sugar dissolves and the syrup starts to boil add the besan mixture little by little to the sugar syrupkeep stirring the mixture to avoid lumps on medium to low flameadd hot ghee to the pan in intervals and keep stirring till the besan mixture doesn't stick to the pan anymore and the ghee oozes out of the mixturenow the mysore pak is readygrease a pan wit…

Chettinadu mutton gravy

Chettinadu is a region in tamilnadu,India and this dish is from the chettinadu cuisine.It's often said chettinadu cuisine teaches us the use of spices in its fresh form and how good each spice adds flavour to the food that's cooked with it.Here,i have made a fresh grind chettinadu masala and then cooked the mutton in the gravy.

Ingredients:  Chettinadu Masala: cinnamon 1inchcloves 2 noscardamom 2 noscoriander 1.5  tbspcumin 1/2 tspsoanf (anise seeds) 1/2 tspred chili  4 noscoconut 4 tbspoil 1tspMutton gravy: bay leaf 2nosonion 1 notomato 2 noginger garlic paste 2tbspmutton 3/4 kgoilsalt as neededcoriander leaves handfulMethod: In a pan add a tsp oil and roast the chettinadu masala ingredients for 8 to 10 minutesAdd the ingredients to a mixer and grind it into gravyIn a pressure cooker add mutton along with 1/4 tsp turmeric powder and a 1 tbsp of gingergarlic pasteadd a cup of water and steam the mutton for 6 to 7 whistlesIn the same pan heat 2 tbsp of oiladd bay leaves follow…


Vadacurry is a famous dish in south India especially in Chennai.
It's callled set dosa and vadacurry. An inevitable combination to eat and many hotel's in chennai serve this tiffin as their top favorite in thier menu.This can be prepared at home as well.In my household vadacurry is one of the most preferred break-fast. Vadacurry is a left over preaparation. whenever masala vada  is in excess it gets converted into vadacurry.Here is the recipe of the yummy vadacurry.

Masala vada 

channal dhal 2cupsonions medium size 1nored chilli 3 to 4 nosginger garlic paste 1 tspaniseeds(sombu) 1/2 tspgreen chili 2 noscurry leaves 1 stringsalt as neededVada curry
Ingredients: onions 5 nostomatoes 2 nosgreen chilli 2nos (slit)curry leavesoil as neededcinnamon -1,cloves- 4,bay leaf- 2salt as neededturmeric powder 1/4 tspchili powder 1 tspcoriander powder 1.5tspshredded masala vadacoriander leaves  handful
Masala vada preparation:
Soak channa dhal for 30 to 40 minuteswash the dhal a…